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the beauty of mixed media

Combining her love of mixed media painting with paper sculpture, mixed media artist Kellie Reynolds creates OOAK mixed media collages, paper art dolls and other 3 dimensional art works on canvas and wood panels.

Kellie Says:  I am inspired by bright, vibrant colors. The veiled look of collaged images and text partially obscured by paint invites the viewer to draw his or her own conclusions about the subject. Ultimately it takes on a significnce as complex as anyone looking at it.

By manipulating paper into dimensional forms called paper sculpture, I can create elements like paper art dolls that I sometimes like to add to my art to give it even more dimension for the viewer to interact with. The endless possibility of what can be done when combining techniques and mediums is what makes creating mixed media collages and 3 dimensional art so exciting.

I am so pleased to offer you high quality, originals and matted prints of my mixed media paintings and 3 dimensional art works. My philosophy is that even the tiniest of details matters. I want you to enjoy looking at the work as much as I enjoyed creating it.

the kell belle legend

Welcome to Kell Belle Studio and the art of Kellie Reynolds. Please enjoy your visit. In the meantime, grab a cup of tea and pull up a comfy chair while I tell you a story about how I came to be called Kell Belle.

There once lived a girl named Kellie who was not too crazy about names like Kellie belly or Kellie jelly that the school kids used to taunt her with.

Kellie and her sister Heidi were very close to each other when they were young. As they grew older, they drifted apart. Heidi raised a family while Kellie was busy finding her own way.

The death of their beloved mother united the sisters again. While they no longer had their mom to share their joys and sorrows with, they still had eachother. As a way of celebrating this, Kellie and Heidi made a ritual of getting together each Friday evening.

It was during this time that Heidi began to refer to Kellie as Kells or Kell Belle. Although it still felt like a derivative of those early chilhood taunts, Kellie knew the name Kell Belle was a most loving reference and could not be a more perfect representation of the woman she has become.

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